So you want to know more, I’m glad you asked! Well this video explains it really….

There are a whole bunch of churches in Camberley, of all shapes and sizes. We’ve been tweeting, facebooking, chatting and generally getting to know people the last few years, and have become, we hope, useful contributors to Camberley. Street Angels, Besom, Frontline and SVP are a few of the Christian organisations in the town that are helping people everyday, for free.

We hear what you are saying. We know a lot of people don’t like coming to church. That’s cool, there are lots of reasons why. We thought for a while, and prayed (Christians do a lot of that), and then someone said, “Let’s just have a week of hanging out with people, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. Then if they really do have questions about God, Jesus and all that stuff, they can just ask”.

Instead of expecting you to come to us, or beating you over the head with bibles, we hear what you are saying,  we just want to be there for you, when you’re ready to ask.

Check out our Events tab on the website to find out what’s going on from March 9-17 2013.

Join us on Twitter @ConnectionsCamb hashtag #CamConX or find us on Facebook.

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