Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Camberley Connections Old Dean Community Challenge

Hear that? Yes it's the sound of Funky.

Finished University No Kids Yet (Funky) A team from Camberley Connections was issued a challenge this week, to provide a free community banquet, in 1 week, raising the funds themselves as part of the challenge.

Revd Mark Chester from St Paul’s challenged a team of 9 church goers last Sunday to provide a banquet, including food and entertainment, for 50 people on the Old Dean in Camberley. They have a budget of £50 which they have to return at the end.

Issuing the challenge in front of the entire congregation, Revd Mark said: “At 7pm next Saturday 16th March, you are challenged to host a banquet in St Martin’s Church Hall, Old Dean. Your guests will be anyone who will come. You should aim to have a minimum of 50 guest, and you have 6 days to organise it from scratch. Here is £50 to get you going, but fundraising is part of the event and you need to return the £50 next Sunday morning.

Any profit made during the challenge will be donated to the local charity Besom, which provides food packs to those in need.

The challenge is all part of a week of events known as Camberley Connections, to encourage people to share their faith stories with others.

For more information on Camberley Connections, the community challenge, and the week of events, check out the website at, find them on Facebook, or follow the twitter hashtag #CamConX

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